Who we are

advaya is a leading transformative learning and experience platform creating online and offline programmes led by the leading minds of our time. We invite you to radically shift how you see the world and your place within it.

Established in 2015 by sisters Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed, advaya is a thought leader taking an interconnected, relational approach to how we reimagine our worlds. advaya’s mission is to re-enchant people with life so they can heal relationships with themselves, each other, the sacred, and the natural living world.

advaya’s global faculty brings together leading visionaries, scientists, spiritual teachers, artists, authors, activists, philosophers and storytellers. Programmes centre the sacred, establish relational consciousness, celebrate nature, create community, build resilience, heal division, cultivate clarity of mind and orient members towards transformation in every area of their lives.

You can sign up to individual courses live or on-demand, or become a member to access all past and upcoming courses as well as weekly member events, including the spiritual ecology study club, breathwork, and nature connection.

Welcome to your home for transformative learning.

The 5 foundations of advaya


We have fallen out of love with life. It is clear from how we treat ourselves, each other and the natural living world. advaya programmes awaken you to the sacred, animistic, interconnected and joyous heart of existence, guiding you to connect to the extraordinary that lies within the ordinary, to the mystery within the seen and unseen.

Transformative learning

Transformative learning enables you to create change that goes beyond the surface. You might have had transformative experiences, but in order to integrate those insights into daily life and truly shift behavioural patterns, we need regular guidance, inspiration, practice, ritual, wisdom and community.

Relational consciousness

Ecological and relational consciousness enables multi-dimensional healing as we move towards a paradigm of partnership and interconnection. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. We are nature. Nature is us. advaya weaves together the inner and outer, personal and planetary, to offer holistic learning rooted in the knowledge that everything is connected.

Freedom and liberation

advaya’s programmes explore how we can free ourselves from the patterns, perspectives and paradigms that hold us back from fulfilling our innate design as individuals and cultures.

Universal wisdom, a diversity of perspectives

advaya’s global faculty of teachers represent a multiverse of cultures, histories and traditions. This is core to advaya programmes as we embrace a multiplicity of perspectives, complexity and nuance. Each year advaya welcomes over 2000 free members and participants through our bursary programme, ensuring finances do not prevent the deepening our our community committed to transformation.

Meet the team

Ruby Reed

Ruby Reed is the co-founder and director of advaya and Earthed. Over the last 10 years she has brought tens of thousands of people together in joyful spaces that reimagine how we see the world. She is interested in how our relationship with metaphysics and consciousness shapes our worldviews and cultures as a species. She is also a curator for Medicine Festival and Trustee of Resurgence Trust.

Christabel Reed

Christabel Reed is the co-founder and director of advaya and Earthed. Her work is energised by a fascination in how we heal our relationship with ourselves, each other, our environments and the cosmos. For Christabel, we cannot separate these entwined journeys of inner and outer healing if what we envision is a world that thrives.

Grace Burrows

Grace joined advaya to blend her professional experience with her love for community and learning. From studying Anthropology at LSE to a recent Cambridge diploma in business sustainability, Grace believes that education is a transformative pursuit and should be accessible to all. When not working at advaya she can be found working her other job, looking after her son Dusty.

Priya Subberwal

Priya (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist focused on the intersections between ecological stewardship, collective liberation, and creative expression. She received her BA in Environmental Studies from NYU and is currently completing an MA in environmental writing at the University of Montana. When she’s not pushing pixels, Priya can be found rock climbing, hiking, or talking to trees.

Edit Brunner

Edit is a digital marketing professional from Sweden now based in Los Angeles. With experience at global companies like Sony, Nike, Lufthansa, and Mazda, she currently serves as Head of Marketing at Advaya. Through her work facilitating connections and exchange of ideas on online platforms, Edit hopes to make the world more united, reducing divisions while emphasizing collective responsibility to care for the planet.

Kare Khoo

Kare (pronounced ‘Care’) is a visual communicator and artist at heart. She co-runs the video production company, Webb Street Studios and has produced, directed, shot and edited films for clients including Universal, Sony Music and The Royal Albert Hall. As a Thai/Chinese-Malaysian based in London, Kare loves exploring the intersection between identity and ecology. She is often found illustrating or at her pottery wheel.

Ali Webb

Ali is a multi-disciplinary creative and entrepreneur energised by connecting with the more-than-human world. Combining his passion for the arts and technology, he founded the award-winning video production company, Webb Street Studios. Before advaya, Ali spent two years building and managing online courses for a leading embodiment organisation. He is passionate about the environment and is currently studying arboriculture.